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Established in 2019, A.B.C. Sports Foundation is a 501(c)3 that provides current and former athletes with resources to make a meaningful impact in their communities. We provide a number of services including non-profit management.

Not only does A.B.C. Sports Foundation curate events that impact our clients' hometowns, our in-house programs focus on 3 main areas including health & wellness, mentorship, and arts & entertainment.

The pillars we stand upon serve as the foundation of what we do allowing athletes and businesses the opportunity to connect through community initiatives. Our organization integrates health & wellness, mentorship, and arts & entertainment making a direct, quantifiable, and significant impact to the youth, families, athletes, and communities we serve.


Events and Programs

scheduled for 2023 where

current and former athletes make a

community impact in their hometowns.


Youth and Families

have been impacted by our

programs and events.


In-House Programs

that help youth year-round in various communities across the country, centered around our pillars.


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We focus on activities that promote mental and physical well-being in various avenues. This includes programming, community events, and camps.

Focus Areas:

  • Healthy Eating

  • Routine Physical Activities

  • Resources to Healthy Living

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Athletes can build lasting relationships with our in-house mentorship programming. Some focus areas include financial literacy, social equity, and education while utilizing sport.

Examples of Programming

(Often taught by former athletes)

  • Football Sunday School

  • South Georgia Elite

  • Sports Mom University

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Allows creative development opportunities, not only for youth but athletes who have interest in artistic programming. We integrate art into our health and wellness and mentorship pillars.

Examples of Programming:

  • Butterfly Nation

  • One Circle Entertainment

  • Spinstatz

Let’s Work Together

Our vision is to create a long-lasting legacy through our clients' philanthropic efforts while connecting them with businesses that align with their passions. At the end of the day, this is bigger than us!

We allow current and former athletes the opportunity to connect with their communities by having a dedicated team to curate their philanthropic efforts.

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