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The Players Parlor

Within the NFL, ample opportunities are presented to current and former players regarding grant programs, appearances, social events, and more. However, these are not always made aware to the ones that are meant to benefit from them! The Players Parlour is the place where athletes get recognition off the field.


Corey Harris, NFL Legend and Co-Founder of Kick the Stereotypes, aims to connect professional athletes all over the country through Players Parlor social events and the introduction of professional opportunities within the space. "Our purpose is to serve."


Starting in 2023, The Players Parlor will be putting on tailored events every month. Smaller, more intimate events will be a chance for businesses to get directly in front of players in an authentic, meaningful way, whereas bi-monthly, larger events will provide the space for the sports community to come together as a whole. It's time for the talent to enter the business side of the industry and develop professionally.

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The Players Parlor values professional athletes even after the teams lock their players out of the locker room. We advocate for equal opportunity post-playing and will enable former players to receive access to benefits, mentorship, and overall community through programmed events.

The Players Parlor is the sense of community that goes away once you leave the league. Join us today and receive the latest updates and benefits included within membership. 

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