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The Sports Family Weekend

presented by The Sports Family Network

Throughout the past few years working with sports families, the Sports Family Network has noticed that parents of most high school football players who want to play in college have no little or no knowledge of the recruiting process. Further, many parents are not familiar with the college admissions process either. At the same time, most high school football players are unsure what skills are needed to play college football. This summer, I'm hosting an event designed to change that.


The Sports Family Network (Sports Mom University + Sports  Dad University) has partnered with A.B.C. Sports Foundation, several current/former NFL and college football players, and various academic professionals to create a weekend retreat where high school football players will have an opportunity to learn football skills directly from athletes who have played in the NFL and college. Plus, their parents will have an opportunity to attend various sessions designed to show them how college admissions, academics & recruiting work together.

Sports Mom University: The Story

Jamesetta Cleveland was a mom of three going through the recruiting process alone. She quickly learned the recruiting process for college football was extremely different from the process for cheerleading and track. Throughout the recruiting process with her son, she looked for the place moms could go when they had questions on how to raise a highly skilled athlete who didn’t want to play his sport professionally. She constantly looked for a place to help her understand the business side of sports while honoring her desire to raise a whole person, not just an athlete. While her son, Ronald Cleveland, was able to achieve his dream of playing college football, Jamesetta wasn’t able to find what she was looking for. 


Her son played D1 football at the US Air Force Academy for 4 years. After he graduated and received his commission as an officer in the Air Force in 2019, she founded a consulting firm for sports moms called Sports Mom University. 


She helps sports families understand who they are and how they prefer to show up in the world so they can establish an identity outside of sports and make strategic decisions in three (3) key areas - academics, athletics and entrepreneurship. She even started a podcast to teach sports families the business side of sports. 


Over the past few years, her firm has grown to serve sports moms and sports dads. Thus, the Sports Family Network was born. To accommodate her growth, she expanded Sports Mom University to the Sports Family Network. Today, the Sports Family Network is a full service sports family management agency.

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Event Details

June 23-25

Jacksonville, FL


Want to Volunteer?

June 23-25

Jacksonville, FL

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